Haoran Chen (b. Jiangsu, 1998) lives and works in London. He studied Traditional Chinese painting at China Academy of Art (2016-20) for the BA and currently pursuing an MA in Painting at The Royal College of Art, London (2021-23).

中国画系人物专业本科,中国美术学院, 2016-’20 

绘画系硕士,皇家艺术学院, 2021-’23


Chinese-born artist Haoran Chen is known for his brooding and psychedelic paintings. His works are not simply capturing the external rational existence, but rather open up a path to his own inner worldly narratives. In the process of his creation, he presents the artist’s own intuition through the filter of his own imagination and alienation. During his seven years of continuous artistic practice, Haoran Chen’s techniques have ranged from realistic and rigorous pencil sculptures to traditional poetic Chinese painting portraits to the contemporary style that integrates multiple layers and multiple techniques in his current works. Relying on his rough color palette, ink splashes and meticulous use of oriental brushes, as well as enriching the layers through mixing, deconstruction, printing,blurring and dip-dyeing, Haoran Chen's works focus on texture and the use of chaotic dark and dirty colors, conveying a sense of calm weirdness, also the ink dyeing processing of his own inner world. Most of the themes of his works focus on pondering about unity and integration and extract narrative from them, demanding immediacy, passion and consideration from.


Exhibitions &.


  • 13th - 16th July <RCA: 2 year MA Degree Show> The Trueman Brewery, London, UK


  • <RAW> Soho Revue, London, UKs
  • <W.I.P. : Royal College of Art Work in Progress 2022> Online, London, UK


  • 6.28-7.4<第二届之江国际艺术周暨中国美术学院2020毕业季《共同生活》The 2nd Zhijiang international youth art festival‘BEING WITH YOU IN THE WORLD’>, Hangzhou, China

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